Signature Facial


For all skin types.
A customized facial especially for you, by using either a gentle granular exfoliation or enzymatic peel. 100% fresh, natural ingredients used to bring you skin care that is designed to deeply cleanse pores, exfoliate and re-hydrate. 

Renewal Facial


For graceful-aging, environmental/UV damage and acne scarring.
The focus of this facial is to resurface the outermost layer of the skin by using multiple passes of a Diamond microdermabrasion wand across the face and neck. 

Unwind Healing Facial


For all skin types.
The Unwind Facial is ideal for people who feel mentally stressed, and would like to improve the health of their skin. Energy work is used to take away any blocks that may hinder one from not performing at their best mentally, physically, and/or spiritually. Results include deep relaxation, feeling centered, and feeling de-stressed.

Flourish Facial

For all skin types/women who are pregnant and/or nursing.
Not seeing that pregnancy glow? Some Moms-to-Be experience hormonal changes that can lead to acne and hyperpigmentation. A facial that is created  to be the perfect blend of cleansing, exfoliation and relaxation, all while taking care to leave out the products that are contraindicated for pregnant women.

Teen Clean

For hormonal, adolescent skin types.
An extraction focused facial designed with Teens and Tweens in mind. Cleanse, steam, extractions and a conversation about home care.

Little Extras

EYE REJUVENATOR {15} This treatment is designed to smooth lines, firm and reduce bags and puffiness, and brighten dark circles. Using specialized serums and micro-current technology to increase oxygen and blood circulation to improve and amplify natural collagen production diminishing the signs of fatigue and age around the delicate eye area.

LOVELY LIP TREATMENT  {15} Light exfoliation, softening & hydrating mask, topped off with a moisturizer formulated for the lip area.